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Executive Chef Pat PhatiphongExecutive Chef Pat Phatiphong
a.k.a Chef Man

Past: Pat came from Thailand to the U.S. in 1970. He started out from the bottom of  the kitchen at the famed Napoleon Restaurant in Washington D.C.  later he became the executive chef.

Pat also worked at Harvey’s, Le Brasserie, and Rive Gauche. He honed his classical American seafood & French techniques with trips to France and hanging out with renowned masters such as Jean Louis Palladin.  He also received a diploma in French Haute Cuisine from the L’Academie de Cuisine  & North America’s 2000 outstanding cooks.

Remember the great restaurant Bangkok Gourmet in Crystal City? That was Pat’s restaurant.  It was a Thai restaurant with a French flair. The result was a fusion menu 15 years before the trend hit the fine dining circuit. Pat was one of the great pioneers in popularizing Thai and fusion cuisine in the D.C. area In 1998 Pat opened restaurant favorite Stardust in Old Town Alexandria  for Avery Kincaid specializing in Asian and international cuisine until 2010.

Present: Pat plans to utilize his experience and skills to implement his Personal chef, catering and Culinary planner.

(Design a menu to your specific taste and its catering at a whole new level)