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From: Paveen  Bunyasrie – June , 2010

subject: chef Pat cooking

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Thank you Chef Pat for the wonderful and flavorful food.

From: Joseph Lynch -June, 2010
Subject: chef Pat @ pat personal chef

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My wife and I no longer have a reason to go out to dine during the week – instead every evening we look forward to opening the refrigerator and choosing a gourmet meal prepared by Chef Pat.  The ingredients are fresh, the meals are extraordinary and I can’t say enough about the convenience

From: Dave  Lynch-June, 2010

Subject: Chef Pat as a Personal Chef

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My wife and I are from opposite ends of the food spectrum.  She is a meat LOVER and I am a vegetarian.  Bringing Chef Pat into the equation was the answer!  Every meal (lunches and dinners) is now completely devoid of the previous frustration that comes with attempting to balance the previously mentioned gastronomic extremes.  Chef Pat has accommodated each of our culinary desires with preparations that have us excited for meal time to arrive.  His menu is diverse, changing every week, and, most impressive, exposing us to taste and textures that we would never thought to experience.  Most of all, Chef Pat gets all the credit for my recent weight loss.  Since having Chef Pat prepare our lunches and dinners I find that I’m no longer eating solely to overcome hunger.  I eat slower in order to enjoy the variety of tastes and textures.  Therefore, I become fuller while consuming fewer calories, with the naturally resulting loss in weight.  Engaging Chef Pat as soon as he became available
was our premier decision for 2010!!

From: Patty Cake – September, 2010

Subject: Comments on Chef Pat’s Cooking
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My husband and I have been enjoying several dinners per week prepared by Pat for over 4 months now. We have been pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the meals. Pat has only repeated the menu once or twice at our special request. For all other dinners he has managed to come up with fresh and “exciting” choices for us to enjoy each week. The food is abundant, not to mention delicious. Pat has added a new dimension to the notion of “home dining” for us. We highly recommend Pat’s services for individual or group dinners and gatherings.

From. Jill Smith, October 26, 2010

Subject:comments .chef Pat @pat person chef

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You are the answer to our family. My daughter has many food allergies and the rest of the family can never agree on dinner options. Coming home to dinners has made life even more enjoyable. The variety and the quality of food are like dining out every night, But much more affordable. Thank you, Chef Pat for your gourmet meals.

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